Pastor Michael started in ministry as the youth pastor at his church in Houston, TX.  He attended Bible College in Columbus, Tx where he became a faculty member. It was at this Bible College where Pastor and Kezia met. They moved to Dallas, married on May 8, 1999 and for the next 6 years they were on staff as youth pastors and later associate pastors at the church Kezia attended since childhood. After they stepped down they began to travel and minister. In 2007 the Lord spoke to them to start Destiny Life church and so they began this great journey.
     Pastor and Kezia have twins, Max and McKenzie, who were born in 2010. They currently live in Poetry, Tx. Kezia‚Äôs favorite food is queso and tortillas and Pastor’s favorite food is gas station tacos. Their all time favorite vacations are cruises because they get the best of both worlds, while Kezia likes to go and see everything, Pastor Michael takes the opportunity to relax!

Kezia, McKenzie, Max, and Pastor Michael Moonoo